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About the Trent Janitorial Team in Campbell River

Serving Campbell River for over 20 years

Part of Campbell River’s history for the past 20 years, Trent Janitorial Ltd. is run by the husband and wife team of Keith and Reyja Teitge. Keith bought into the company initially, buying out his partner 6 months later and being joined by Reyja later as a partner in business and in life. Keith was yearning for a physical, hands-on way to make a living.

Going Green Is Important to Trent Janitorial

Trent Janitorial Ltd. is named after the Trent River in England, an important means of industrial transportation throughout its long history. At Trent Janitorial Ltd., protecting the environment and the beautiful Campbell River area is important to us and we do our part by using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Due to the quality and efficiency of microfibre products, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of chemicals we use and still get a fantastic clean. If you see someone using a mop and bucket, they are using old technology that is harsh on the environment. We don’t put dirty equipment in clean water. Any solution that isn’t used at one job is used for the next.

Customize Our Janitorial Services to Your Needs

We customize our services to your exact needs, whether you are a professional office, doctor’s office, non-profit organization, retail store or anything in between. From disinfecting door knobs to complete building maintenance, we handle a variety of jobs. We are happy to provide a list of references upon request.

Trent Janitorial Ltd. is a proud member of the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce and the Campbell River Networking group. We are dedicated to the preservation and betterment of the Campbell River community through the use of high-quality eco-friendly products and as your leader in janitorial services.

Why We Work in Campbell River Exclusively

We are sometimes asked why we don’t branch out to serve surrounding communities and the answer is just basic economics. We wouldn’t feel right unless we were on-site to ensure a quality job, and with the cost of fuel what it is today, travel expenses would add to the bottom line, affecting every one of our customers. For the same reason, we don’t drive around in an oversized, gas guzzling truck. We live well below our means and don’t go in for flash and glitz. We have located our office downtown in order to have a central location, saving money without ever sacrificing the quality of service.

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Trent Janitorial Crew

Awards and Honours

Nominated for 2006 Small Business of the Year by Campbell River Chamber of Commerce

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